Drawing Tools that Make the Difference


One the most important things to consider when you are drawing are the tools that you use to achieve your masterpiece. No matter what the subject of your drawing is, keeping the proportions accurate will make the difference in the level of realism that you can achieve. Even one feature out of proportion can make the entire drawing feel off. And sometimes you want even be able to identify it without thoroughly checking over your work. But were all human and we make mistakes no matter what medium we use in our artwork.

For those reasons we develop techniques to make it easier for us to translate what we see more accurately. For example a very popular technique for translating references to your drawing is the grid method. This is a good technique for some people but it requires a lot of extra work.

Another method used is sketching. Sketching is usually a more advanced technique and takes a long time and a lot of practice become accurate in your translations. And even when you do master it you still lack accuracy in your translations.

Measuring can also be used to layout your drawing. This is a very effective method for beginners but if you not very good at translating measurements or scaling the measurements then this technique could prove to be a disaster for you if you mistranslate a measurement.

Most of you already know I’m a huge fan of using what you have available to improve your drawings. If there was only one drawing tool that I could use other than my pencil it would defiantly be a proportional divider. I use it in every drawing that I create. If you haven’t already check out this post where I use it to layout my portrait. It allows me to check all my dimensions while making sure that the proportions are correct and relative to my reference. It also allows me to scale the proportions up or down depending on what I’m drawing.

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Not only does having the correct drawing tools at your disposal help with accuracy in translating proportions they save time by making mundane tasks simple. For example let’s say that I complete a layout of portrait but something looks off. If I were to use a ruler to go back and check my work it could take hours. That is why I’m a firm believer in using a proportional divider to refine all of the details of my drawings.

Earlier in my drawing career I was looking for a way to better translate my subjects to my drawing paper when I ran across the Accurasee Company. Not only did they have the correct drawing tools at their disposal to help me they had designed them specifically for the task.  I truly believe that using the drawing tools that they provide have made the difference in my drawings.


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